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Order Forms

Please download the relevant order forms below to help you with your fundraising efforts. After you download them, simply type your information into the top of the form and type your prices in the "Cost" slots. Then, you can just print and hand them out to your sellers.

Please choose a form depending on your fundraiser:
8" Subs Order Form
12" Subs Order Form
Pretzel Sandwiches Order Form
Kaiser Sandwiches Order Form
Blank Order Form (choose what you sell)

This form is a totals sheet to help the organizer gather all the information Brenda's Sandwiches needs to best serve you.
Totals Sheet

Order Form Tips
To further help you with your fundraising endeavors, these tips are the best and most efficient way to achieve your goals. We suggest that you: 

Choose a limited number of sandwich options.
Type in your information and costs before printing your forms.
Place an "X" in the cost box for sandwiches that you are not offering.
Set a collection date that allows for late orders.
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